Knugget - Tiktok but for knowledge

Knugget - Tiktok but for knowledge

Jun 30, 2021
Lincoln, NE
Often time, it is hard to digest and save what you learn on the web.
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Anything new information learned without being revisited within 24hrs. Consider that that information have left your brain
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Core problems Knugget team and I focus on are:
  • Save bitesize of information quickly in any form
  • Lazily revisit information in bitesize so you don’t get bored
  • Stay organized with added information
  • Explore what other people have learned

Save bitesize of information in any form

We make Knugget available cross platform. Whether it is on the web, phone, desktop, we covered it all. Save anything you learn on the web with our Knugget webclipper and visit the information on our web portal.
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Revisit information efficiently in bite-size

Everyday, our app analyze number of information that you care the most and notify you to review
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Stay organized

Stay organized in your library with folder
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Explore other people saved bite-sized information

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The best part about all of this is that it is completely free with no ads. We worked hard to make this happen. Like what you see? check it out here
Til then see you on my next note 😊