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This is a space for me to keep notes and share my weekly learning process. I write about web developments and tech careers. Hope you enjoy!

AI, a Collaborative Partner

AI can open up many potentials for human creative work collaboration

Seattle, WA ⸱ 2022-06-25

I am a very slow thinker

How to use your rational thinking brain more often?

Bellevue, WA ⸱ 2022-05-29

🧑🏼‍🎨 Art is useless, and so am I

F*** money, I need to be cool again

Redmond, WA ⸱ 2022-05-22

FigbarOS - A fresh approach to the web browser

A fresh approach to the web browser

Charleston, SC ⸱ 2022-05-10

The job of a pen

If you are a mechanic, you might have a favorite tool in your box. For me, the tool of inspiration is my fountain pen

Charleston, SC ⸱ 2022-05-07

Startup or Corporate : What to expect

Should I work for a corporate or startup after college?

Philadelphia, PA ⸱ 2022-05-04

Window Nano Server Migration Guide

Step by step guides and pitfall to migrate to migrate legacy c# codebases to Window Nano Server

Bellevue, WA ⸱ 2022-03-31

Ohmysearch - a productivity developer tool to quickly browse the web

Switching between browser tab can be very distracting. Imagine a unify source to search the web and access your favorite cloud tool

Seattle, WA ⸱ 2022-02-11

Knugget - Tiktok but for knowledge

Never forget your learnings again. The lazy learning method

Lincoln, NE ⸱ 2021-06-30

Count people and Object with computer vision and deep learning

Leveraging Convolution neural network to count objects

Omaha, NE ⸱ 2019-05-21

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📸 DemoShot - Tool to create 3d transform(tilted) product screen shot

Tool to help developer create transform image thumbnail

Seattle, WA ⸱ 2022-04-28

🎍 Data Augmentation for Semantic Segmentation with PyTorch

Lincoln, NE ⸱ 2019-04-18

⛈️ Building your own Weather station with Arduino and Electron

Build your own weather station

Lincoln, NE ⸱ 2019-02-08